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Project Description

Projekt Description

The project is undertaken within the scope of the editorial project “Reichstagsakten: Reichsversammlungen, 1556–1662” (Imperial Diet Records: Imperial Assemblies, 1556–1662) sponsored by the Historical Commission at the Bavarian Academy of the Sciences and Humanities. Since 1988, this editorial project has overseen the editing of source material covering eleven imperial assemblies and the publication of fifteen sub-volumes (approx. 10,800 pages) under the supervision of the division heads Heinz Angermeier (until 2003), Maximilian Lanzinner (until 2014), and Gabriele Haug-Moritz (since 2014), using the commission’s own resources as well as third-party funds. The edition of the sources on the Imperial Diet of Regensburg of 1576 (for which extensive preliminary studies already had been conducted) would complete the documentation of all the imperial diets which met during the era in the empire’s history which may be characterized as the period of successful religious peace (1556–1586). With their editorial project on the “Imperial Diet Records,” the division acted as a pioneer in taking advantage of the opportunities presented by new digital media and publishing records of the imperial diet of 1556/57 not only in print (2013), but also online (2014). We, the team assembled for the new project, intend to further develop this practice by producing a comprehensive collection of key documents. This is a valuable end in and of itself, but the project further aims to develop new insights into questions of how to confront the challenges presented by a digital edition of early modern sources by fostering international cooperation between experts in both the fields of early modern history and the digital humanities.

Project proposal in English (short version)

Project proposal in German (short version)

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